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Saturday NHS appointments for new and current under 16's always available


children’s dental

children and oral hygiene

Teaching children how to look after their teeth is very important for a life of good oral health and healthy teeth through to adulthood.


Our friendly dentists show children how to brush their teeth properly and how to look after their milk teeth until their adult teeth come through. We can recommend the best dental products for your children to use.



Keeping children’s teeth healthy can be achieved through regular dental check-ups at our surgery in Luton. Come and see us for regular check-ups.


If your child has a problem with their teeth, we will tailor a dental plan to them and will carry out treatments to a professionally high standard.

Family appointment at our surgery

When making an appointment for children’s dentistry, why not make it a family trip and get everyone’s teeth checked in one go?


The team at Maple Dental Clinic can reserve appointments for family dental checkups so you can show your children the importance of keeping your teeth clean and healthy from a young age. 

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