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snoring treatment

Stop snoring in its tracks

If you snore, it can be a major disturbance to the sleep of both you and your partner. At Maple Dental Clinic we are able to create anti-snoring devices which will help you sleep soundly.


Tailor-made to you, we will work out how severe the problem is and the best way to solve it with an initial consultation before undertaking any work.


Tailormade anti-snoring devices

There are numerous options for snoring treatments when you come to our dental clinic, and our qualified dentists will assess your needs to make sure you get the right one. 


These devices may require regular dental appointments due to adjustments or replacements needing to be made to make sure you get the best of it.

Benefits of dental snoring treatments

Dental snoring devices and maintaining oral health and hygiene can hugely reduce the amount of snoring that an individual experiences.


Other benefits include improved sleep patterns, reduced frequency and loudness of snoring, and improving the airflow to patients who opt for a dentist-recommended snoring treatment.

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